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3Com ADSL Modem Settings

Here, I'll explain a bit about doing the configuration or ADSL Modem Settings .. I think so many have already discussed about the DSL modem settings .. But it would be nice if we live always share .. Basically do the ADSL Modem Settings that was easy enough ... and need not be a headache. but not everyone understands will perform on the Modem Settings .. well I would not have been long-winded in this explanation .. aja is better we discuss this with ADSL Modem Settings - same ...

1. Connect the power cable to the switch and ADSL Modem RJ-45 connector on the ADSL modem and LAN Card on Computer


2. Settings on the PC 1
a. Do Broser in Internet Explorer and type as:


b. System Login and Password entries, such as a picture:


Type the Admin

c. After that the display appears as follows:


d. Next click the Settings Wizard to perform


Curent Enter Password or followed by Next

e. So akann menu appears to regulate division of Time and Time


Change Set Time Zone and Time Server accordance danlanjutkan homelands by clicking Next

f. Furthermore, we will go the Connection Type as shown:


Select PpoE for the use of the Internet that has terdapftar then Next

g. After selecting PPoE we head into the parameter setting that is to fill in the User Name and Password


Fill with:
- User name
- Password and confirm password: telkom
- VPI / VCI fill in with 0 / 35
- Change the encapsulation to LLC
- Then click Next

h. After fill in the User Name and Password, then will go to the menu:


Fill in the Modem IP Address Subnet Mask and then click Next

i. Select the menu and status logs to see the results of the internet settings


Here we can see if it can be connected to the internet or not is by looking at the Status and Logs and Internet Settings Wizard on the box there CONECTED / UNCONECTED

j. Select Wireless Settings menu to configure the existing W-Lan


With menceklish Enable Wireless networking to enable
Wireless Networking yan there. And changing Chanel, SSID and Wireless
Mode. Then Click Apply.

k. After completing the wireless configuration settings for the next step is to configure the LAN settings


Then click Apply to configure the LAN Settings.

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thanks for this tutorial. i want to setup 3Com ADSL Modem on my computer

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Very informative and well written post! Quite interesting and nice topic chosen for the post.

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